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Medieval bad? - Jan 27, 2006 · Its widely known in the popular modern culture that in Medieval times torture was a common thing and people didnt view it as disgracefoul as we do nowadays. Was this the historical case? and then shoved a red hot poker where the sun don't shine...of course, agonising as this might be, you'd have to shove it all the way up to the diaphragm ... Gary Speight tortured love rival Anthony Bates with red-hot poker … Dec 22, 2011 · A jealous lover who tortured a love rival to death with a hot poker for sleeping with his girlfriend while he was in prison has been jailed for at least 30 years. Gary Speight, 31, beat Anthony Methods of execution - Feb 11, 2002 · Hot Poker - a red hot poker is inserted up the executee's anus until s/he dies of haemorraghing or pain. King Edward II was supposedly executed this way in 1327. Some historians claim he was executed this way because he was homosexual. Hung, Drawn and Quartered - the executee is hanged first, but only to cause extreme unpleasantness by suffocation.

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A Blast From The Past ... popularly thought to have been done in by means of a red-hot poker forced into his rectum, not to mention the fortunate if malodorous escape ... Medieval Porn tube videos - FREE PORN Free porn Medieval Porn tube videos tube - 153 ... Hardcore Anal Sex With Two Hot Babes In Medieval Times. 4 years ago ... Blond Is Bound In A Medieval Torture Device ... List of methods of torture - Wikipedia

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Medieval torture devices varied greatly in their complexity. Some were as simple as the ol' red-hot poker and others, like the breaking wheel seen below, were meant to torture and then display the victim to an eager crowd in the town square.

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Which form of torture was mostly used during the religious inquisition in Europe during the medieval times? ... the thumbscrew and for really hard to shift difficult folks the red hot poker up the intestines. Lovely fellow that Torquemada. ... What methods did Christians use to torture witches during the Medieval times? Methods of execution -